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Reach out to the heavens through this deep immersion post-conference program. Maurice and Special Guest (TBA) are sharing cutting edge knowledge through their special workshops.

We will close The River of Stars journey in celebration for Astrology Day (March 20), Spring Equinox – a SOLAR ECLIPSE! An auspicious eclipse alignment to honor the star cycles and the sacred practice of astrology through artistic expression: Poetry, Painting (canvas and body), and Ceremony, combined with lava walks on the newest land on the earth.

Join us on this incredible initiation!

Each day of study will be combined with Kundalini Yoga and outings to balance our mental and spiritual work with body and earth.


Part 1 – Special Guest: Astrology and the sacred coding of Pi (March 16)

An Enlightening Workshop – Details to come – Stay tuned!

Part 2 – Maurice Fernandez: Vocational Orientation in Astrology (March 17- 19)

During these three days, Maurice will share his new perspective on identifying vocational orientation in the chart. From the 9 to 5 jobs, to the greater calling of destiny, we will identify the primary direction for vocation and career in the chart. This information is essential for Astrology Counseling practice and self-knowledge.

This workshop is part of the Complete Course taught by Maurice Fernandez. It is open to anyone with basic Astrology background.
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Part 3 – Celebration of Astrology Day on Solar Eclipse Equinox (March 20)

Poetry and Ceremony.