rick levineRICK LEVINE – Seattle (WA)

Peering into the Mind of God

Exploration into the Astrology of Beauty

Rick Levine’s daily horoscope column reaches millions of people every day and is featured on Internet sites such as Tarot.com, LA Times, and Huffington Post. His YouTube videos with Jeff Jawer (daily and monthly) bridge the gulf between technical and popular astrology. His “Quantum Astrology” DVD reveals his thinking on astrology, science, spirituality and history. Rick is the cofounder of StarIQ.com, a Founding Trustee of Kepler College and an active voice in the astrology community.
website: www.stariq.com
Email: rlevine@stariq.com

Kari Noren HoshaKARI NOREN HOSHAL – Baltimore (MD)

The Venus Star Points

Kari Noren-Hoshal is an evolutionary astrologer based in Baltimore, Maryland. She became interested in sacred practices of indigenous cultures through growing up overseas in Latin America and Egypt between the ages of 7 and 21. She teaches an astrological internship program and her astrology column “The Horoscope Hub” recently became nationally syndicated in newspapers and their online versions. Kari has presented her views on astrology at national and international astrology conferences such as UAC, NORWAC and Evolutionary Astrology Network and at NCGR Chapters in the Mid Atlantic region of the U.S. Kari is the V.P. for programming of the Baltimore Astrological Society.

Email: karinorenhoshal@aol.com
website: www.visionquestastrology.com
Phone: 410-662-4676.

Tom LescherTOM KAYPACH LESCHER – Costa Rica

2015 and Beyond

Painting your horoscope

Rites of Passage

Tom Kaypacha Lescher blends his intuitive insights with over 35 years of astrological study. His approach to healing spirit, mind, and body by using the birthchart in combination with other healing modalities (breathwork, meditation and kundalini yoga) adds a new dimension to astrological counseling. In addition to personal readings he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching.  He is the creator of the “Pele Report,” a weekly YouTube astrological forecast which can be viewed on Youtube.

YouTube: YouTube.com/user/tomlescher
website: www.NewParadigmAstrology.com

gali livnehGALI LIVNEH – Israel

Natal and Pre-Natal Eclipses

Gali (Sat Puran) Livneh, ISAR.CAP, is a full time practicing Evolutionary astrology counselor and teacher. Her main practice involves finding the path to healing and the evolution of consciousness through the birth Chart. Gali is the editor of an Israeli Astrology magazine; she organizes conferences in Israel and lectures internationally. She is ISAR’s VP in Israel and also teaches Kundalini Yoga, SNR healing and music for many years.

Email: healingstar11@gmail.com
Website: www.healingstar11.com/en

KathrynKATHRYN ANDREN – Big Island, Hawaii

Music of the Sphere: Sacred Horoscope Dance and Meditation

Kathryn Andren has been enthusiastically sharing astrology as a consultant & teacher since 2003. She offers astrology consultations & classes, multi-media presentations & supports Hawaii Healing Retreats. Her deep connection to land, sea & sky fuels life, love & art. For over a decade, she combines astrology & bodywork for a unique “Heaven & Earth” experience in her private practice. In presentations & classes, Kathryn shares her own Cosmic Collage art, with music, meditation & movement, encouraging a multi-sensory, fun learning environment. She holds a BA in Psychology, integrating years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom. View Kathryn’s Cosmic Collage Art gallery and explore new classes through Soul Camp World at:

Website: www.KathrynAndren.com
Email: consultwithkathryn@gmail.com


Retrogrades and Karmic Astrology

Seeds of Unworthiness and the Pathway Out

Laura is a second-generation astrologer, practicing and teaching astrology since 1987.  She is the co-owner/coordinator of NORWAC, established in 1984. Her family owns Astrology Et Al Bookstore, which she managed from 1983-91. She was Coordinator for ROMAC03 and UAC 02. Laura is a founding board member of Kepler College. She has presented at UAC 02, 08 & 12; ISAR 05, 09 & 14; FAA 2014 and the Wisdom of Astrology w/Alan Oken – March 2014.

Website: www.astrologyetal.com/indexlaura.htm
Email: lauranalbandian@gmail.com
Phone: (206) 930-7613


Pluto/Jupiter, Pluto/Saturn, Pluto/Uranus, Pluto/Neptune cycles – The Snake the Eagle and the Sun Cycles

The End of Illusions: Neptune in your Chart

Pre Conference Program: Kundalini Yoga and Astrological Cycles

Post Conference Program: Vocational Astrology

For more than twenty years, Maurice Fernandez has been developing a worldwide network as a full-time astrology teacher, counselor, and writer. He has authored multiple books and collaborative writing projects, and organized several astrology conferences around the world, notably The River of Stars Astrology Conference in Hawaii—Maurice currently serves as the President of the Organization for Professional Astrology – OPA. He has forged a reputation of excellence among clients, students, and the greater astrology community. Maurice’s essential approach to astrology is holistic and spiritual. This entails embracing a heart-centered approach, leading a healthy lifestyle, and honoring and respecting nature and wildlife. Maurice organizes spiritual journeys to sacred locations around the world and puts these principles into practice to stimulate deeply transformative and heart opening experiences.

Email: livingsky7@gmail.com
Website: www.mauricefernandez.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Maurice.Fernandez.Cosmic?ref=tn_tnmn

Linda TuckerGuest of Honor – LINDA TUCKER

White Lions and the Mystery of Zep Tepi

The Age of Leo/Aquarius and the Prophetic Return of the White Lions

Pre-Conference Program: Animal, Plant, and Star Communication

Author, animal communicator, and conservationist, Linda Tucker has dedicated her life to the urgent protection of the Africa’s rarest and holiest animals, the White Lions or so-called ‘Star-lions’ of Timbavati. Trained by African shamans, and educated in Cambridge University, Linda founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002. She is a regular guest speaker at global congresses, such as the World Summit of Sustainable Utilisation (2002) and the World Wilderness Congress (2009) – Sharing the shamanic message of the return of the White Lions at these times of great planetary evolutionary times. Linda lives in Timbavati wilderness region, together with three White Lion prides she has rescued and successfully re-wilded.

Website: www.whitelions.org

For more information about Linda Tucker and her work:


Pre Conference Program: Indigenous Hawaii, Dreamwork

Dr Apela Colorado, a member of the Oneida tribe and traditional cultural practitioner, created the first doctoral program in traditional knowledge at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She also established the Spirit Camp cultural revitalization project at the University of Alaska and began the Native Social Work concentration at the University of Calgary. With assistance from the Canadian International Development Agency, Dr. Colorado founded the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network (WISN) in 1989. WISN brought together western scientists and indigenous practitioners of traditional knowledge in a series of international workshops, conferences, and overseas projects. The work created a forum and established a process to promote consensus, collaboration and cooperation between experts of western and indigenous knowledge in conservation and education programs and alternative resource development. Dr. Colorado is Director of Wisdom University’s Indigenous Mind Program, which offers Masters and Ph.D. degrees.

Website: www.wisn.org

Special Guest - MARTY LEEDS

- The Great Zodiacal Pi in the Sky

- Death and Resurrection – Exploring the Period between Christmas and the Spring Equinox

Post Conference Program: The Astrological Story of Creation

Marty has done an extensive amount of work in the subjects of mathematics, numerology, symbolism, comparative-mythology, astrology, spirituality, language and alchemy. He has written three books, Pi & The English Alphabet Volumes 1 and 2, and the Peacock’s Tales - The Alchemical Writings of Claudia Pavonis. Marty Leeds has been a guest on Red Ice Creations, American Freedom Radio and Alchemy Radio, was a featured speaker at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia in 2014. He was raised in Wisconsin and is now based in Oregon.

Website: www.martyleeds33.com

You can view these 2 videos about Marty Leeds to find out more about his work:

The River of Stars takes place on Pi Day: 3, 14 15 – We appreciate the synchronicity.