River of Stars – Meaning and Inspiration

Humans must make two connections, they must reconnect with the Earth, they must reconnect with the Stars — Credo Mutwa

Astrologers are modern priests; they are able to interpret the divine language of the heavens and deliver it in practical language, helping to guide humanity on both individual and collective levels. Planetary alignments depict cosmic and natural cycles that we all can align with to live healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives.

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The River of Stars Astrology Conference honors and celebrates astrology as a sacred practice. To truly understand the message of the heavens, it is important for astrologers to honor the earth as well as their own bodies, to have open hearts and compassion for all livings and for those seeking their advice, and to also possess a foundation in other sacred sciences and practices.

The River of Stars Conference offers a multi-sensory and holistic approach to the study of astrology, where mind, heart, body, and spirit are all activated to complement and enhance the quality of service.

We will learn, eat healthy, connect and honor nature, enjoy ourselves and laugh a lot, invoke our ancestors, pray, dance, envision, create, and love . . .
Thank you for being part of the Aloha Living!


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The River of Stars conference takes place on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the district of Puna, home to the Kiluea Volcano (active since 1984). The Big Island, as its names refers to, is the largest of the Hawaiian Island, and the one with the least population density. The island is incredibly diverse with at least 8 micro climates, from arid to tropical, and even peri-glacial.

Our conference grounds, Kalani Oceanside Retreat, is in the district of Puna bordering the East Hawaiian Pacific coast. Here, we are in the heart of the jungle by the ocean where everything is lush, colorful, vibrant, and humid! The area also contains fields of dry lava that look like a lunar landscape – the newest earth created on the planet. The Earth is magnificently black, the vegetation is fiercely green, or red, or yellow, with a vibrant sun, and temperamental tropical rainstorms.

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We are away from the strip malls, crowded urban development, the golf courses, and pollution! Here nature is incredibly beautiful and preserved, yet with enough comfort to keep it friendly and enjoyable. The volcano is home to the Goddess PELE, and when lava flows into the ocean, the 4 elements combine in the sacred alchemy to create the newest earth (fire, water, air, earth). As so much destruction occurs throughout the world, creation occurs on the Big Island of Hawaii! Here, the veils are thin and connection with the sacred is palpable.

Residents of this area commonly enjoy visiting the volcano and the dry lava fields, paying homage to Goddess Pele. The dry lava fields are a piece of art, with incredible natural earth and glass formations that spiral and curl (Pele’s hair?).

The Big Island is home to the Gemini Observatory on top of the tallest mountain on the earth: Mauna Kea, where the view of the sky is considered to have among  the best visibility conditions on the planet.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful place and engage in communication with nature and the sky!


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