2015 Conference Gallery

2015 Conference Gallery is now online

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The Audio files comes with the powerpoint presentation, when available. (Cost $25 per lecture, or $20 for more than one lecture)

Rick Levine: Peering into the Mind of God

Maurice Fernandez: Pluto/Jupiter, Pluto/Saturn, Pluto/Uranus, Pluto/Neptune Cycles

Maurice Fernandez: Neptune and the End of Illusions

Laura Nalbandian: Retrogrades

Laura Nalbandian: Seeds of unworthiness and the Pathway out

Gali Sat Puran Livneh: Pre Natal Eclipses

Kari Noren Hoshal: Venus StarPoint

Linda Tucker and Maurice Fernandez: the Leo-Aquarius Age

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We are delighted to present our special guest at the conference: Marty Leeds who will be presenting 2 lectures and a Post Conference workshop.